Jonathan L. Ortiz


It all started when...

Jonathan began skating some 20+ years ago. With his passion for aggressive in-line skating, speed skating and helping others, Jon quickly found himself as a leader and entrepreneur within the street skating community. Jon is a fundamental founding member of the New York Skate Series. In the early months of 2015 Jon and I would spend countless hours brainstorming about what we should call this series of NY skate events (duh?!). Ultimately the name came to me but he has been one of our biggest supporters since day 1.

In 2017 he became a certified in-line skate instructor and the rest is really "his-story" though we at N.Y.S.S. hope to continue building and growing with this talented and humble man for many more years to come.

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coming soon: 1-800-DOPE-NYSS x 005