Jesus A. Medina


It all started when...

Jesus Medina began skating some 20+ years ago. With his passion for the abnormal including in-line skating, unicycles and doing NYC's biggest stunts he quickly found his niche. As a naturally talented stunt skater, Jesus quickly realized that the human body could only handle so much and he began pursuing a degree in "early child-hood education" while keeping to his roots of skating. After working 5+ years with his peers as an in-line skate instructor he teamed up with fellow NY skaters to help launch the New York Skate Series in 2015. In 2016 he became a certified in-line skate instructor and the rest is yet to be written. Jesus has been there and done that when it comes to NYC street skating and we at N.Y.S.S. hope to continue building with this gifted leader for many more years to come.

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coming soon: 1-800-DOPE-NYSS x 100